PsychologistEthics.net aims to inform the public about malign uses of psychologists in the workplace, uses that may require psychologists to violate their code of ethics. Some governments, such as the Soviet Union, have used mental health professionals to punish individuals who express opinions considered hostile to the state. Today employers can utilize psychologists to aid in the "mobbing" of workers who are unpopular or otherwise undesireable. Mobbing aims to drive such unpopular individuals from the workplace. Psychologists who participate in mobbing are like the psychiatrists who were used to target dissidents in the USSR. Political psychiatry has its equivalent in political psychology. 

The site illustrates cases in which psychologists have been used by employers to target individual workers. The cases should alert relevant professionals--consulting or organizational psychologists, licensing boards, and the American Psychological Association--to the problems posed by political psychology. If we are aware of its dangers, we can take measures to prevent it, and to raise the costs to those who engage in it.

PsychologistEthics.net also aims to serve as a clearinghouse that gathers and publicizes additional cases of political psychology. If you have first-hand knowledge of a case, please contact us. We also promote natural treatment for back pain